World Blood Donor Day 2022: History, Meaning and Goals

Blood flows through our veins. The scarlet fluid that sustains life within us is precious because without it we could not survive. Those who unfortunately encounter accidents or encounter other life-threatening conditions require blood transfusions. The need for blood is universal, but access to blood unfortunately is not. That’s why June 14 is celebrated every year as World Blood Donor Day to celebrate those whose simple act of donating blood saves countless lives. This year, the slogan for World Blood Donor Day is “Blood donation is an act of solidarity. Join the effort and save lives”. The World Health Organization has mentioned specific goals for this year’s World Blood Donor Day.

The objectives are,

Thank blood donors around the world and increase public awareness of the need for regular, unpaid blood donation;

Emphasize the need for committed blood donation throughout the year, to maintain an adequate supply and ensure universal and rapid access to safe blood transfusion;
recognize and promote the values ​​of voluntary and non-remunerated blood donation in strengthening community solidarity and social cohesion;

Raise awareness of the need for increased investment from governments to build a sustainable and resilient national blood system and increase collection from voluntary non-remunerated blood donors.

A year-round safe blood supply in hospitals is of paramount importance as it allows us to be prepared for emergencies. It is often said that you should think about donating blood every year on your birthday. If everyone plans blood donation in this way, it will be easier for hospitals and blood banks to maintain a good and safe blood supply.

World Blood Donor Day: History

Today is Karl Landsteiner’s birthday. He distinguished human blood into groups A, B, AB, and O. Karl Landsteiner won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1930. This year, Mexico is hosting World Blood Donor Day. The country’s National Blood Center organizes the day that celebrates those who help save lives.

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