“Working from home is no longer acceptable”: Elon Musk issues an ultimatum to Tesla employees

Working from home has been an integral part of our working lives since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s not without its critics. A lot of people aren’t happy with the new working system and it looks like Elon Musk is one of them. The Tesla CEO took to Twitter to express his views on the matter, expanding on an email apparently sent to his company’s employees. According to a report on Bloomberg, Musk has made it clear that working from home is not an option for Tesla employees and that they will have to be in the office for at least 40 hours.

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Under the subject line “Remote work is no longer acceptable” [sic]Musk wrote that “Anyone who wants to work remotely must be in the office for a minimum (and I mean *minimum*) 40 hours a week or leave Tesla. That’s less than what we ask of factory workers.” , according to the report.

Although Musk didn’t directly confirm the authenticity of the email, he did respond to a user request on Twitter by saying “They should pretend to work somewhere else.”


Earlier, in an interview with the Financial Times, Musk praised the workforce in China and even hinted that workers in the United States try to avoid going to work.

“There are just a lot of super talented and hardworking people in China who strongly believe in manufacturing. They won’t just burn midnight oil. They will burn 3 a.m. oil.”


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