Wisconsin senator Johnson tried to give Pence fake voter lists, committee says


The Jan. 6 committee presented evidence on Tuesday that they say shows Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson (R) wanted to ‘hand-deliver’ lists of fake voters to Vice President Mike Pence during certification of the January 6, 2021 presidential election, part of an effort endorsed by former President Donald Trump’s legal team to overturn the election results.


The committee released text messages Johnson staffer Sean Riley sent to Pence staffer Chris Hodgson “minutes” before Congress convenes to certify votes on Jan. 6, with Riley saying that the senator “must deliver something to VPOTUS”.

When Hodgson asks what it is, Riley replies, “Alternate voter list for MI (Michigan) and WI (Wisconsin).”

Hodgson then bluntly tells Riley, “Don’t give him that.”

Johnson’s spokeswoman Alexa Henning denied the senator played a role in any false election schemes, tweeting on Tuesday that Johnson “had no involvement in creating an alternative list of voters and did not know in advance that it was going to be delivered to our office”.

Key Context

Thursday’s hearing, the committee’s fourth on Jan. 6, focused on Trump’s efforts to get states to overturn election results. His attorneys have often endorsed a baseless legal strategy for states Trump lost to somehow name alternate voter lists to subvert voters’ wills and ensure Trump wins the College count. electoral. The previous three hearings focused on the actions of the Jan. 6 rioters, Trump’s choice to ignore advisers who told him he had lost the election, and the former president’s efforts to convince Pence to block the certification of elections.

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