Will Turkey become the “Türkiye”? United Nations approves name change request

The process of changing Turkey’s name to “Türkiye” began last December after a memorandum from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and on Thursday it received the stamp of approval from the United Nations. Following the country’s official request, the UN decided to change Turkey’s name within the organization. UN spokesperson Stephane Dujarric announced that the letter written by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu addressed to Secretary General Antonio Guterres had been received on Wednesday and he specified that the name change becomes valid from when the official letter was received.

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Earlier on Tuesday, Cavusoglu said an official letter requesting a name change had been sent to the UN and other major bodies around the world. “Together with our communications department, we have managed to prepare a good ground for this,” the letter said, according to the Associated Press.

The current government has endeavored to change Turkey’s name to “Türkiye” (tur-key-YAY) as it is spelled and pronounced in Turkish. The name actually dates back to 1923 as the country was called “Türkiye” right after its independence before changing it to Turkey.

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Currently, according to the new directive, “Made in Türkiye” is used instead of “Made in Turkey” on exported products and the name change has also taken place on official documents.

Turkey’s English-language state broadcaster TRT World also explained the decision, saying that the word “turkey” shows “a confusing set of images, articles and dictionary definitions that confuse the country with Meleagris – otherwise known as the turkey, a large bird native to North America – which is famous for being served on Christmas menus or Thanksgiving dinners” on Google.

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