Will continue to take calm and resolute measures to maintain peace and stability, says US on China-Taiwanese tensions

Amid tensions with China, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen released a video to show how close Chinese military vessels were to the island during the communist nation’s recently concluded military drills.

Taiwan said it tracked 51 warplanes and six warships on Thursday as at least 25 planes crossed the center line of the Taiwan Strait or entered the southwestern part of Taiwan’s air defense zone. However, Chinese planes have crossed the median lines on several occasions since August 3 after US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan earlier that month. Both countries conducted military exercises, but the situation remained largely under control, with both sides displaying their military strength.

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China views Taiwan as a breakaway province which it has said it will take by force if necessary. Last year, China sent a record number of fighter jets to Taiwan’s air defense zone.

The United States maintained that it wanted to settle China and Taiwan to settle their dispute peacefully.

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“We will continue to take calm and resolute action to maintain peace and stability in the face of Beijing’s continued efforts to undermine it and support Taiwan,” Kurt Campbell, President Joe Biden’s Indo-Pacific regional coordinator, said recently.

The latest military maneuvers come after the United States and Taiwan announced their intention to begin trade talks in the fall with eleven trade areas to be discussed between Washington and Taipei, including trade facilitation, digital trade, policies non-market, among others.

China’s Foreign Ministry criticized the upcoming trade talks and urged the United States to adhere to the “One China” principle and end all official interactions with Taiwan even as Taipei welcomed the move.

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