What’s mirrored and why do lovebirds like Travis-Kourtney like to pair up in similar ensembles?

Sooner or later, couples like reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian and rock band Blink182 drummer Travis Barker, who recently married in Italy, end up mirroring each other. From their clothes to their food choices, everything becomes one and they try to imitate their partner whenever possible.

Whereas in most romantic relationships, mirroring happens automatically. Some do this intentionally to strengthen their relationship with their spouse and increase their empathy.

To show their significant other that they look alike, people often adopt their partner’s sense of style and look for similar clothes to set dating goals. Pairing has become extremely popular among Millennials and Gen Z couples. And, it is considered the cutest expression of love among lovebirds.

That’s exactly the case with Kourtney and Travis too. Ever since the eldest member of the Kardashian clan started dating her pop-punk bae, her dress sense has taken on a gothic and punk twist.

Previously, she mainly wore figure-hugging bodycon and ultra-feminine dresses. But now the diva isn’t afraid to wear a deconstructed Thom Browne dress to the Met Gala to match her bae’s vibes.

Fashion expert and stylist Samantha Harman gave a nod to the whole concept of mirroring in couples and shared that people’s styles often change when they meet someone new.

If you just scroll through Kourtney’s Instagram feed, you’ll notice the drastic shift in her sense of style. And, you’ll also notice that the diva is all about pairing up with her partner these days and serving up gorgeous looks.

Kourtney isn’t the one whose style changed after starting a new relationship. Her younger sister Kim Kardashian, who is currently dating comedian Pete Davidson, has also come a long way when it comes to her personal wardrobe. From bodycon dresses to hooded sweatpants, the diva’s style has taken a 360 degree turn.

When Kim was married to American rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye, she relied heavily on his wife for her red carpet looks, OOTDs and street style. In multiple episodes of “The Kardashian” and “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” we’ve seen Ye travel for miles to check out Kim’s outfit for interviews, shows, and photo shoots. And this is how he showed his love and affection for his wife.

Fast forward to 2022! Since Pete’s style is always laid-back, Kim has also started exploring a smart-casual style.

Kim Kardashian with Pete Davidson

It’s not some useless couple ritual that only a few follow. Mirroring actually helps couples get rid of their guards, reduce defensiveness, and uncover their feelings.

Our brain gets a dopamine rush when we see our partner doing the same things we are doing. Therefore, do not forget to flatter your love by making some changes in your wardrobe. It’s better than giving them flowers every weekend. Trust me!