What an idea! Man uses forklift to stop car theft in Australia

What would you do if a thief tried to steal your car? Try to stop them by all means and call the police, right? Well, one man did the exact same thing, but in a unique way. The man in Australia used a forklift to lift the car into the air to arrest the thief. The incident happened in Logan, west of Brisbane. Police said a woman broke into a man’s house. After taking a shower and changing clothes, she attempted to steal the car. As she was about to leave, the man, Brendan Mills, returned with the family. “It all happened in front of us so fast,” Mills told local breakfast show Sunrise.

When he arrived, he saw the car door closing and the vehicle starting to drive away. “I asked him several times to get out of the car: ‘We’re home, you’re stuck. Get out of the car, you know it’s over’. (But) they wouldn’t come out. I said ‘Well, you want to play this way, I have an alternative option here,’ he said.

As the man works with cars, he had a forklift handy. Mills used it to stop the robbery. It was the only way he could think of at the time. “My family was watching everything unfold, so you can’t do anything too stupid. You had this immense amount of adrenaline going through the system, a lot of thoughts going through your mind…I just thought, ‘Well, there’s a forklift sitting there – why not?” he said.

After some time, the cops also arrived to find the car suspended in the air. Later it was slowly lowered to allow the woman to be arrested. She has been charged and is due to appear in court next month.

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