Watch: Gupta brothers arrested in Dubai for corruption, confirms South Africa

The South African government announced on Monday that Rajesh and Atul Gupta of the Gupta family have been arrested in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Gupta brothers, friends of former President Jacob Zuma, are accused in South Africa of profiting financially and influencing appointments through their links with Zuma. They deny any wrongdoing on their part.

In 1993, the family left India for South Africa. They are also accused of money laundering in India, where tax inspectors raided their homes in numerous locations in 2018, including their company’s headquarters in Delhi.

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The Indian-born brothers’ association with Jacob Zuma, who served as South Africa’s president from 2009 until he was forced to resign amid a storm of corruption charges nine years later later, is at the center of many of the most serious corruption allegations against them. .

The Gupta family are accused of abusing their close ties to President Jacob Zuma to wield significant political power at all levels of South African government, including securing business contracts, influencing high-level government appointments and by embezzling public funds.

During Zuma’s nine-year presidency, a number of witnesses testified to the Guptas’ involvement in plundering vast sums of money and influencing the appointment of Cabinet ministers.

Zuma and the Guptas maintain that they are innocent of any wrongdoing.

South Africa reached an extradition agreement with the United Arab Emirates in 2021 after the brothers left the country.

Interpol had issued red notices to the Gupta brothers, who had also been declared persona non gratia by the United States and the United Kingdom.

For fugitives wanted for prosecution, red notices are issued to notify law enforcement around the world to arrest them pending extradition.

The family fled South Africa in 2018 as the net tightened on them, with the ANC eventually replacing Zuma and electing Cyril Ramaphosa as interim president following massive public protests.

It is still unclear why the third brother, Ajay, has not been arrested. Their assets have already been blocked by South African justice.


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