Watch: Barack Obama posts beautiful video of impromptu choir singers

Former US President Barack Obama posted a nice video on his Instagram account. The video was shot in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Obama recently visited Copenhagen for the Democracy Summit. The video was shot just outside the hotel where Obama was staying.

The video featured a group of women, a choir, singing beautifully in harmony. For the uninitiated, it would be hard to guess the song. But music has no language boundaries. And although the song is in the Danish language, the beauty of the air and the singing of the women is enough for anyone to fall in love with the song.

The impromptu chant surprised Obama. He waited to hear the band’s song and reacted encouragingly.

“When I was in Copenhagen I came across this group of singers rehearsing on their balcony. They were fantastic – listen.” Obama said on Instagram.

Check out the wonderful video with sound.

You really don’t have to know the language to appreciate the beauty of the song. It is a patriotic song in Danish language.

The video of this encouraging interaction has, predictably, gone viral. The video has been liked by over 300,000 users. Thousands of people commented and liked the song as well as Obama’s genuine admiration for something so beautiful.

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