Video about Justin Bieber’s illness is heartbreaking, says UK patient with same condition

A patient with the same virus causing facial paralysis that affected Justin Bieber said on Saturday she was saddened to see what the Canadian pop star was going through and proud that he was raising awareness about the disease.

“I watched his video and I’m not going to lie, I shed a few tears. I never thought I would relate so much to someone I didn’t know,”
Nicoya Rescorla told Reuters in a video interview from Marazion, in south-west England.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome: What is partial facial paralysis, the condition Justin Beiber says he has?

Former teenage star Bieber, 28, revealed on Friday that he had been diagnosed with a virus that left half of his face paralyzed and forced him to cancel some upcoming performances. He said in a video posted on Instagram that he had contracted Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which affected the nerves in his ear and face, and his right eye was not blinking.

Rescorla said she developed the syndrome 20 months ago, around the time her 11-week-old child was admitted to hospital with a serious infection and her grandfather, whom she cared for. , had to move to a nursing home.

“I think personally, for me, stress was a huge factor, a huge factor,” said Rescorla, who is also 28 and has three children.
“It’s hard to think of anybody else going through something that you’re going through. Obviously Justin Bieber…he’s a big celebrity, and I felt that way too.

so proud that he publicized Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. “It was heartwarming to have him raise awareness, but also heartbreaking to have him go through.”

Speaking about the impact of the disease on her life, Rescorla said she could no longer drive or leave the house on her own. She says she has to drink through a straw and she has problems with vertigo.

“I went from being so independent, fiercely independent, to having my husband take care of me because I couldn’t do it myself,” she said.

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