US: Teacher humiliates student with ‘zero reward’ in class, enraged mother retaliates

A Mississippi woman has been left furious after her son’s teacher allegedly ‘humiliated’ him by giving him a ‘zero price’ in the classroom.

“I think it was so awful for him to get that award,” Patricia Buckley told local ABC outlet WAPT.

She said her 14-year-old son Bradley received a demoralizing certificate from his teacher at Leake Central Junior High School in Leake County that read, “The price ‘zero’. It’s impossible to be me. Don’t try. You will never find a solution.

The distraught mum said she first realized something was wrong after picking up Bradley from school and noticing the award certificate was “locked up like he was ashamed”.

“I felt sad and didn’t really want to give it to her,” the student told the local news station.

When Patricia asked about her dejected son, he replied that he had been insulted in front of his entire class. His teacher would be in his first year of teaching.

A furious Patricia called the school office to inquire about the award and why it was given.

“I think it was so awful for him to get that award. I’m going to do what I can to make sure it never happens again. Not just to Bradley, but to any kid,” Patricia said. .

She then spoke to her Leake County Superintendent of Schools several times, but has yet to hear any solutions.

“I do not know [why they did it]. That’s why I called the superintendent’s office to find out,” Patricia said.

Bradley wants to go back to school, but the mother considers enrolling him elsewhere after the incident.

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