US: Police say 10-year-old girl shot woman, arrested

In the United States, the Orlando Police Department said a 10-year-old girl was arrested on Tuesday June 7. Authorities involved in the case revealed that she shot and killed a woman who was apparently arguing with her mother.

According to the police, the child and the mother have been arrested. Police said the child was in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

As quoted by US-based news outlet, the attorney’s statement said her office “has begun to review the case and will consider all facts, including the child’s age and all surrounding circumstances, when making the charging decision.”

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Worrell added, “We want to be clear in stating that no charging decision has been made by our office.” In the statement, the state’s attorney statement said, adding that the incident was “one of the most tragic cases I have seen in my 22-year career.”

In the United States, an increase in gun violence and mass killings has prompted new calls for reform of national gun laws. A recent mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas shocked the nation.

In a recent NBC News report, it was mentioned that two states in the United States – Ohio and Louisiana – are now considering two options following brutal shootings.

A two-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his father in Florida after his parents left a loaded gun unattended, local authorities said Monday.

When officers, alerted by a 911 call, arrived at the victim’s home near Orlando on May 26, they found the child’s mother, Marie Ayala, performing CPR on her husband, Reggie. Mabri.


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