US intelligence assesses ‘unusual trajectory’ of missile test fired by North Korea: report

North Korea fired three missiles on Wednesday May 25. The tests would have included one of its largest intercontinental ballistic missiles. In the aftermath, US intelligence is assessing whether North Korea tested a ballistic missile with properties the US has not seen before earlier this week, CNN reported citing three US officials. The United States and South Korea said North Korea had tested three rockets, including an intercontinental ballistic missile. The report suggests North Korea may be preparing for its first nuclear test since 2017. The United States also forced a vote in the Security Council on tougher sanctions against North Korea.

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According to the CNN report, of the three missiles allegedly fired, one followed an unusual trajectory. Officials noted that the missile’s flight path had a “double arc” with the missile rising and then descending twice, the outlet said.

According to two of the officials, quoted by CNN, such an unusual trajectory suggests that North Korea could have tested the ability to fire a missile and then re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere to hit a target.

A joint statement by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin and Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi noted on Friday: “The United States, the Republic of Korea and Japan express their deep concern over the May 25 DPRK launches of an intercontinental ballistic flight. missile and shorter-range ballistic missiles”.

“The DPRK has significantly increased the pace and scale of its ballistic missile launches since September 2021. Each of these launches violated several UNSC resolutions and posed a serious threat to the region and the international community,” he said. he adds.

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Meanwhile, the United States on Friday (May 27) imposed sanctions on two Russian banks, a North Korean company and a person it accuses of supporting North Korea’s weapons of mass destruction program.

The move came a day after China and Russia vetoed US-led pressure to impose more UN sanctions on North Korea for its ballistic missile launches.


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