US city to pay $3.2 million for police killing of Daunte Wright

Brooklyn Center officials have decided to compensate Daunte Wright’s family for $3.2 million. Daunte Wright was a black man shot dead by a police officer who said he mistook his gun for his Taser.

According to a statement from representatives of Wright’s family, the interim settlement also includes changes to police training and procedures regarding traffic stops similar to the one that led to Wright’s death.

Wright, 20, died in April 2021. After being arrested for expired registration tags, the officer, Kim Potter, who is white, shot her once in the chest. Before firing his pistol, Potter is seen on camera several times. saying “Taser”.

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Wright, 20, was arrested for expiring license plates in April 2021 and later shot in the chest by Brooklyn Center officer Kim Potter, who is white. After being found guilty of first and second degree manslaughter, the former cop was sentenced to two years in prison. The video shows Potter repeatedly shouting “Taser” just before she fires her gun.

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Wright’s family members “hope and believe that the measures of policing, policy and training change will create significant improvements in the community on Daunte’s behalf,” co-lawyer Antonio M. Romanucci said. “Nothing can bring him back, but the family hopes his legacy will be positive and prevent any other family from experiencing the type of grief they will live with for the rest of their lives.”

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The town hall did not react immediately. A former Minneapolis police officer named Derek Chauvin, who is white, is currently on trial for killing black man George Floyd at the time of the incident, which unfolded in a highly charged environment.

Floyd’s death in May 2020 sparked a discussion about racism and police brutality.

The repercussions of Wright’s death prompted the Brooklyn Center City Council to enact improvements, such as using social workers and other trained experts to respond to medical, mental health and social needs calls without the need for the police.


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