Unipolar world order is over, says Putin amid war in Ukraine

Amid the war in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin speaking at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) claimed that the era of the unipolar world order was over.

“A year and a half ago, during a speech at the Davos Forum, it was re-emphasized that the era of the unipolar world order was over,” the Russian president said, adding: “there is no there’s no way around it.”

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“That era is over despite all attempts to revive it and keep it at all costs,” the Russian president said.

“It is a natural process, these changes are a natural course of history because it is difficult to combine the civilizational diversity of the planet, the richness of cultures with political, economic and other models.”

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The Russian President had ordered a “special military operation” against Ukraine on February 24 as Russian forces invaded Ukraine, however, despite Russia’s gigantic efforts, Putin’s forces were repelled by the fierce Ukrainian defense , with the conflict shifting to eastern Ukraine.

Developing the concept of a unipolar world, Putin said: “The flaw lies in the very idea that there is a single, albeit strong, power with a limited circle of close states, or, as they also say, those who are admitted, while all the rules of business and international relations, when necessary, are interpreted exclusively in the interest of this power which is a one-way street.”

The Russian president stressed that it was a “one-sided game”. “A world based on such dogmas is definitely unstable,” he said.

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