Ukraine seeks to buy Iron Dome rocket interceptor system from Israel to fight Russia

To combat the Russian invasion, Ukraine is seeking to purchase the Iron Dome rocket interception system from Israel. Ukraine’s ambassador asked Israel to sell it and also supply anti-tank missiles during a press briefing in Tel Aviv, media reported. On Tuesday, Yevgen Korniychuk appeared to refrain from accusing Israel of not authorizing the sale of the missile defense system. The ambassador appears to be looking to the Israeli government to bolster its support for Ukraine through military assistance. Saying the US is unlikely to oppose it, Korniychuk said Ukraine wants to buy the rocket interceptor system.

The Iron Dome system intercepts and destroys short-range rockets fired at it. For ten years, the United States has financially supported Israel’s Iron Dome. It provided about $1.6 billion for its production and maintenance, according to the Congressional Research Service.

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Israel also refused a US request for Germany to send Israeli-licensed “Spike” anti-tank missiles to Ukraine last week, Korniychuk also said.

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Israel only supported Ukraine through humanitarian aid. Previously, it was the only country to operate a field hospital in the interior of the country. Israel appears to be avoiding assisting Ukraine militarily because it believes it could anger Russia, which has a military presence in neighboring Syria.


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