Ukraine-Russia: expert Mary Dejevsky answers your questions about Putin’s war

IIt’s been almost four months since Russia invaded Ukraine, and you can follow all the latest news and updates via The Independents live blog.

In the week that Russia said its missiles had destroyed an ammunition warehouse for weapons donated by NATO alliance countries in the Lviv region of western Ukraine, a expert and Independent Columnist Mary Dejevsky will be on hand to answer readers’ questions about the conflict in an “Ask Me Anything” session.

Mary’s recent articles include Why Germany is right to be cautious about Ukraine, What awaits Ukraine when the fighting stops? and It’s time to get real about war.

As journalists continue to dissect reports from the Kremlin, get expert advice on how to interpret news from Russia and Ukraine and what might happen next.

According to a Pentagon official this week, President Putin likely still intends to capture all of Ukraine for Russia, although he has had to scale back his goals in the current war.

Why is Moscow focusing its attention on the eastern region of Donbass? What will happen next at the Sievierodonetsk chemical plant as Vladimir Putin’s top defense official urges Ukrainian fighters trapped in a chemical plant to ‘stop their senseless resistance and lay down their arms’? Why is it a key city in the eyes of Russia? Ask your questions to Marie this Friday, June 17 at 2 p.m.

To participate, post your questions in the comments section at the bottom of this article. If you haven’t commented yet, you will need to Register. So join us at 2 p.m. for an hour of Mary answering as many questions as she can.

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