UK: Private sperm donor fathered 15 children despite genetic disease

In the UK, 37-year-old James MacDougall is said to have fathered 15 children after announcing his sperm to lesbians on social media. Local media reported that he suffered from a hereditary disease that cannot be cured. As a result, a court banned him from contacting some of the children he fathered.

A Guardian report mentions that MacDougall has fragile X syndrome (FXS). It is a genetic disease that causes a range of developmental problems. People with fragile X syndrome have learning difficulties and cognitive impairment.

The media mentioned that he had previously signed an agreement saying he did not want contact with some of his children.

However, he later applied for parental responsibility and child arrangement orders for four of his children. During the battle in Family Court in the British Derby, his identity was revealed.

A genetic disease means that his children could have the same problems as him. The judge also authorized his identification. This will help protect others who are considering private sperm donors.

As quoted by the media, Derby District Court Judge Nathalie Lieven said there was “a very specific benefit to him being named in the hope that women will search the internet for him and see this judgement.


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