UAE prefers Indian wheat for its people and suspends re-exports in message to traders

In a major step towards food security, the United Arab Emirates has suspended the re-export of Indian wheat for a period of 4 months. India regularly sends the key food item to the West Asian country. The 4-month period starts from May 13 and applies to all varieties of Indian wheat (hard, ordinary and soft) as well as wheat flour.

The move by the UAE Ministry of Economy sends a message that Indian wheat is for the country’s domestic population and deters traders from exporting it further amid soaring staple food prices global. In its statement, the UAE Ministry of Economy appreciated the “strong and strategic relationship between the UAE and India” and “the Indian government’s approval to export wheat to the UAE united for home consumption”.

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Remember that at the height of the covid crisis, India sent essential food items to the West Asian country using the airlift. This even as supply chains with China have collapsed. Food items like grains, sugar, fruits and vegetables, tea, meat and seafood are a major component of Indian exports to the country.

Dubai is a major re-export hub, and concerns have been raised around the city as a hub for new outbound flows. But traders are allowed to export non-Indian wheat but must obtain permission. The UAE Ministry of Economy in the statement pointed out that “in the case of wheat and wheat flour products of non-Indian origin, companies wishing to export/re-export may do so after requesting the ministry an authorization to export outside the country”.

While India’s food exports can be one of the main areas of engagement, people-to-people relationships form a vital pillar of ties between the 2 countries. 3.5 million Indian passport holders are in the West Asian country and form 35% of the local population, which is the largest proportion in the Gulf. The country is also home to the largest number of Indians in the world.

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Mega Yoga Day celebrations are planned across the country on June 21. Louvre Abu Dhabi will host the Yoga Day celebration where UAE Minister of State for Tolerance Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan will speak at the rally with Indian Ambassador to UAE Sunjay Sudhir .

Yoga at the Louvre, Abu Dhabi, which is the largest art museum in the Arabian Peninsula and the only Louvre outside of France, should be a spectacular affair. Later in the evening, yoga will be performed at the famous Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi with an approximate attendance of 8-10,000 people.


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