Trump’s inner circle has been pushed back as he claims the 2020 election was stolen

WASHINGTON — Former President Donald J. Trump’s attorney general said he believes the president got delusional as he insisted on pushing false allegations of widespread voter fraud that were repeated to him repeatedly without merit. , according to a videotaped interview released Monday by the special committee. investigating the January 6 attack.

“He’s detached from reality if he really believes in these things,” William P. Barr, the former attorney general, told the panel, adding, “There’s never been any indication of interest in the real facts.”

In a hearing focused on the origins and propagation of Mr. Trump’s lie about a stolen election, the panel played excerpts from Mr. Barr’s testimony, along with that of a chorus of campaign aides and administration officials who recounted, one after another, how his allegations of election irregularities were false.

  • The session began with testimony from Mr Trump’s campaign chairman Bill Stepien, who testified via video that he told his boss on election night that he had no reason to declare victory, but Mr. Trump insisted on doing it anyway.

    Mr. Trump “thought I was wrong. He told me,” Mr. Stepien said in his interview.

  • Next, the panel explained how Mr. Trump’s initial lie gave way to more voter fraud lies, which grew increasingly outlandish over time. He made extensive use of recorded testimony from Mr. Barr, who said he repeatedly told Mr. Trump that his cheating allegations were “bullshit”.

    At one point in his testimony, Mr Barr could not control his laughter at the absurdity of the allegations, which included defense contractors in Italy using satellites to reverse votes and a scheme orchestrated by the Former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who died in 2013.

  • The panel explained how there had been a post-election power struggle between officials in Mr Trump’s campaign, the White House, the Justice Department – many of whom repeatedly told him he didn’t. There was no evidence of widespread fraud — and outside figures, including his staff attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani, who fueled baseless allegations of major improprieties.

  • On election night, rather than heed Mr. Stepien’s caution, Mr. Trump opted to heed the advice of an “apparently inebriated Rudy Giuliani” and declare victory, the court said. Representative Liz Cheney, Republican of Wyoming and vice chair of the committee.

    Mr Stepien said there were basically two teams advising Trump. He called his team “Team Normal”.

  • The committee claimed Mr. Trump used the lie of a stolen election to raise hundreds of millions of dollars, duping his donors and ultimately tricking his supporters into showing up on Capitol Hill to assert his false claims of a “theft.” “mass of elections.

    The committee presented evidence that there was, in fact, no “election defense fund” for the Trump campaign, despite the campaign soliciting millions in donations for one.

    “The big lie was also a big scam,” said Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Democrat of California, who led the presentation on Monday.

  • Evidence of Mr Trump’s determination to baselessly say he had won was intercut with testimony from Chris Stirewalt, the former Fox News political editor, who appeared in person and detailed his analysis based on the data that concluded on election night that Mr. Trump was losing.

  • Other witnesses appearing Monday afternoon included Byung J. “BJay” Pak, a former U.S. attorney in Atlanta who abruptly resigned after refusing to say widespread voter fraud had been uncovered in Georgia.

  • He said his office investigated outlandish allegations about suitcases full of ballots being transported to alter election results. “The allegations made by Mr. Giuliani were false,” Mr. Pak said.

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