Trump’s Britt Blessing Mauls Mo in Alabama

In a surprise Friday night announcement, Donald Trump sounded a strong endorsement of U.S. Senate hopeful Katie Britt of Alabama in her June 21 runoff contest with fellow Republican and former Trump friend Rep. Mo Brooks.

Most Republican watchers in Yellowhammer state were quick to conclude that Trump’s blessing of Britt — who won 46% of the GOP primaries earlier this month — almost certainly guarantees his nomination for retired Republican Senator Richard’s seat. Shelby.

Hailing Britt as “America’s first fearless warrior,” Trump hailed her experience as CEO of the Business Council of Alabama and even hailed her “great husband Wesley” (who played football at the University of Alabama and for the New England Patriots).

But Trump also threw the whip of his words at Brooks, a six-term congressman who he originally endorsed for the Senate nomination and then unapproved shortly before the primary.

“Mo backtracked and made a big mistake waking up to our massive Cullman, Alabama rally,” read Trump’s statement endorsing Britt. “Instead of exposing voter fraud (in the 2020 election), Mo lectured the crowd of 63,000 by saying, ‘Put this behind you, put this behind you’ – which basically means , forget the rigged election (2020) and move forward.”

Trump’s problem with this, he said, is “if you do this, it will happen again. … Mo was heavily booed by tens of thousands of Great Alabama Patriots for abandoning his constituents and what ‘they know to be true about Election Fraud. He foolishly started listening to bad consultants and not people, and his 54-point lead (in the primary) evaporated overnight. Likewise, his words made me withdraw my endorsement, and Mo has wanted it back ever since — but I can’t give it to him!”

Britt, 46, carried 62 of Alabama’s 65 counties in the elementary grades. Brooks, who came second with 29%, was considered to be on a tough climb to catch Britt. With Trump making his surprise decision on Friday, Brooks is now likely to have difficulty raising funds for the second round in 10 days.

This latest development came on the heels of third-place finisher (23%) and ‘Black Hawk Down’ hero Mike Durant, who didn’t approve of Brooks in the second round and instead said he wouldn’t. would vote neither for Brooks nor for Britt.

Alabama had two female senators – Democrats Dixie Bibb Graves (1937-1938) and Maryon Allen (1977-1978) – but both were appointed to fill vacancies for brief periods. If triumphant, Britt would be the first woman elected to the Alabama Senate.

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