Trump ‘unleashed’ political violence – ‘We are going through a very difficult time in America’

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday that former President Donald Trump had “ignited” a wave of political violence.

Partial transcript as follows:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Your committee colleagues, Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger, said this morning on another network that he had just received a death threat against him, his wife and five-month-old child for the job that he accomplishes. He said there is violence in the future. Do you agree that you fear political violence and have you received any threats?

LOFGREN: Well, I don’t want to get into the discussions that I received. I think that encourages them more. But it is very disturbing that Adam, his wife and his little baby were threatened. I saw the threat. It was a written threat. We saw that Republican congressman, a very conservative representative, Crenshaw was bullied over the weekend at a Republican meeting, because he wasn’t conservative enough and I think that’s what that the former president triggered here. You know, when he sent the tweet, attacking his vice president, he already knew the violence was going on. The only conclusion you can come to is that he intended to escalate this violence against the former vice president. So we’re going through a very tough time in America right now. And all of us, elected officials, but also only Americans and their neighbors must defend the rule of law. And against political violence. That’s not what America is.

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