“Trump right now is entering a season of legal judgment”

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) said on MSNBC’s “The Last Word” on Tuesday that former President Donald Trump is “entering a season of legal judgment.”

Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell said: ‘The evidence since your case was filed has grown very much in your favour. Including much of what we heard at the Jan 6 committee from people actually attacking the capital, saying on video that Donald Trump sent them there to do this. This is the essence of your trial.

Swalwell said: “Lawrence, Donald Trump looks guiltier after all this evidence, not more innocent.”

He continued: “We filed our lawsuit right after Donald Trump’s impeachment trial where we had very little evidence because we had no cooperative witnesses. Now, because of the commission on January 6, because of the hundreds of indictments from the Department of Justice and what we have learned from those accused, and because of the lawsuits in New York, as well as this who is under investigation in Georgia, Donald Trump, right now is entering a season of legal reckoning. And there are storms really brewing right now and getting stronger that could hit him, both criminally and civilly. I brought my case civilly to do mine in a small part, to bring the responsibility of the person who started the insurrection, and I hope that as far as responsibility is concerned, it will end with his responsibility.

He added: “Lawrence, when it comes to holding Donald Trump accountable, whether as a political candidate, government leader or civil litigator, I found you have to keep this guy on his heels. When he’s hot on his heels, that’s when he’s held accountable, that’s when he’s weakest. And you see in a number of settlements that he made. He came into office to settle the fraud he committed at Trump University, if you recall.

Swalwell concluded, “You must aggressively pursue justice with Donald Trump. And that’s why I called it the season of legal judgment because you start to see these different activities that are going to keep him, you know, really a legal terrorist on his heels, and that’s where he belongs.

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