Trump reflects on campaign launch event in Tallahassee to troll DeSantis

Former President Donald Trump is said to be so frightened by the possibility of a primary fight against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that he has asked confidants about the possibility of holding a campaign launch event near the Florida governor’s mansion. in Tallahassee ahead of November’s midterm elections.

According rolling stonethree sources confirmed that Mr. Trump had wondered aloud if there were any venues in the Florida capital with sufficient capacity to host a flashy fireworks-laden launch rally at spitting distance of the current home of Mr. DeSantis.

Those who spoke to the twice-impeached ex-president in recent days said he viewed Tallahassee for a campaign kickoff as a thumbs-up in the eye of Mr. DeSantis, who polls show is the most likely Republican to be the party’s nominee. if Mr. Trump refuses to undertake a third campaign for the presidency.

A source said rolling stone that Mr. Trump is driven by a desire to show Mr. DeSantis – whose rise from Republican backbench congressman to Florida chief executive came largely thanks to Mr. Trump’s endorsement – “who’s the boss” of the GOP.

The ex-president also reportedly told several associates that his former House ally was “overrated” – or worse, “very overrated”.

Mr Trump has frequently indicated to his allies that he plans to mount a bid to be the first ex-president to be re-elected for a non-consecutive term since Theodore Roosevelt challenged incumbent William Howard Taft in the presidential election of 1912.

The US president to serve nonconsecutive terms in the White House is Grover Cleveland, who served as the 22nd president from 1893 to 1897 and the 24th president from 1885 to 1889.

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