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Top 10 global news: Russia launches new barrage of missile strikes on Ukraine, and more

Recently, Russia launched a missile barrage on Ukraine. Another Covid conspiracy theory has come to light that has shed light on how the virus was man-made and escaped from a lab in Wuhan. In addition, North Korea fired around 100 artillery shells as part of its military exercises.

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The Kremlin said on Monday that oil price caps imposed by members of the European Union could have a major impact on global energy markets but “will not affect” the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Western countries imposed massive sanctions on Russia in the aftermath. of the conflict, but most countries have not ceased to depend on imports. After the price cap was applied, Russia said it was preparing its response while assessing the impact it might have on the economy.


Ukraine was again only hit by a barrage of missile strikes as Ukrainian officials accused Russia of targeting crucial infrastructure and energy sources ahead of winter. The cities of Odessa, Cherkasy and Kryvyi Rih were reportedly hit by the strikes and the Associated Press reported that Odessa’s water supply was massively affected after a missile strike led to widespread power outage .


South Korea’s military reported that North Korea fired around 130 artillery shells into the sea off its east and west coasts on Monday, with some shells landing in a buffer zone near the sea border. Seoul said the firings were a violation of a 2018 inter-Korean agreement aimed at reducing tensions.


A US-based scientist who previously worked at the notorious Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), China, has claimed that COVID-19 was a “man-made virus” that escaped from the establishment. According to the New York Post, which cited a remark made by American researcher Andrew Huff in the British newspaper The Sun, Covid was released from WIV, a state-funded and run research facility, two years ago. Epidemiologist Huff claims the pandemic was caused by US government funding of coronaviruses in China in his latest book, “The Truth About Wuhan.” Extracts from Huff’s books have appeared in the British tabloid The Sun.


About 200 truckers are staying in the five tents near Seoul and battling the government’s narrative that they are well-paid “labor aristocracy” as well as freezing cold.

These drivers claim to be aware of the impact of their strike for minimum wage protection at a time when the world is battling inflation and say their demand for stronger minimum wage protections is important to them in order to save themselves from poverty

Farmgate scandal: South African Prez Ramaphosa denies allegations against him

OPEC+ continues with production cut of 2 million barrels per day

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The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) has released data which shows that sales of arms and military services by the top 100 companies in the sector reached $592 billion in 2021. this is an increase of 1.9% over the previous year.

The rise in 2021 marked the seventh consecutive year of rising global arms sales. The report further showed that the growth rate was higher in 2021, but still lower than the four-year average, likely due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


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