To meet the labor shortage, help an aging population, Japan is developing “BEX”, a robot-goat

Japan is a country that values ​​technology while remaining true to its traditions. Due to the country’s long aversion to accepting immigrants, aided by its low birth rate, Japan’s population is aging rapidly. Even though the country is taking steps to ease its strict immigration policies, it continues to be plagued by labor shortages. Now, Japan’s Kawasaki Heavy Industries, a multinational known for its industrial machinery and heavy equipment, has developed a robot it says will help the country’s labor shortage. And it is a quadruped robot, that is, it has the shape of a four-legged animal, namely a goat.

The ‘BEX’ robot was named after the wild goat species Ibex and it has horns.

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According to a Reuters report, BEX is still being tested and the company behind the goat robot hopes to bring it to market by 2023.

Yes, you read that right, the robot has large curved horns and thanks to its four legs it can easily walk on rough terrain. On smooth surfaces, it moves very quickly with the help of wheels that it has slipped into its belly.

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BEX can carry loads up to 100 kg or 220.4 lbs and is battery powered. It can be controlled remotely or move autonomously.

Kawasaki, world famous for its motorcycles, designed this robot for use in agricultural environments. The company started developing humanoid robots in 2017, however, these two-legged robots had a balancing issue. To counter this, this four-legged robot was developed.

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Speaking to Reuters, Noboru Takagi, general manager of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries division, said that “in an aging society, it can help elderly people who have to move around with heavy loads. For example, it can support agricultural or forestry industries where people need to move heavy loads.”


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