Tiktok video of Canadian woman reuniting her 40-year-old skates goes viral

The TikTok of a video of a Canadian reuniting her 40-year-old skateboards has gone viral on social media. Renée Forrestall, who lives in Nova Scotia, had sold her Excalibur skates at a garage sale when she was a teenager. But after turning 60, she decided to buy roller skates again for exercise.

The high school art teacher couldn’t find the right fit despite several new roller skates. Eventually, she posted on Facebook Marketplace that she was looking for a pair of old roller skates.

A salesperson contacted her saying he had a pair of vintage skates that were available for $40 but he didn’t know the size. Coincidentally, the size of Forrestall’s foot and roller skates was 10 inches.

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After getting the seller’s address, she went to get the roller skates and was shocked to find that they were her old skates.

The strange discovery was made when she flipped the skates over and saw her own surname written behind them which she had written down as a teenager.

Forrestall was pleasantly surprised as she had fond memories of the roller skates her mother had given her when she was dealing with a significant personal loss.

‘The Guardian quoted Forrestall as saying “The guy [Bond] stood there and when I looked at him and peeled my name my eyes filled with tears because I literally had my life in front of my eyes.


Pictured: Roller skates sold on Facebook Marketplace (Image credit: Renée Forrestall)

Forrestall shared the story of the whole incident in a TikTok video that went viral and was watched by over a million people.

“Oh my god, the universe finally worked for once!” a TikTok user wrote in the comments to the video.

“I’m not trying to get fanciful. Look, if I can move forward and stay upright and not get hurt, that’s all I want,” Forrestall said.

“I wish I could spend time with them again,” she added.

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