Thousands start 4-day working week trial in UK

On the day British Prime Minister Boris Johnson avoided being forced to give up his job in the Prime Minister’s Office, more than 33,000 workers from 70 companies across the country began a four-day-a-week trial. The trial, which would involve those workers working just four days of the seven-day week, will not see a pay cut due to reduced working hours.

This pilot project will last six months. Workers participating in the trail range from those working at a local fish and chip shop to large financial corporations.

This trial is organized by 4 Day Week Global, a non-profit think tank, and 4 Day Week UK Campaign in partnership with researchers from the University of Cambrisge, University of Oxford and Boston College.

The goal is to be more productive. Staff will receive full pay for 80% of their usual hours.

As millions of employees around the world shifted to working remotely during the Covid pandemic, calls to shorten the working week have grown. Researchers said a trial of the four-day working week in Iceland had become an “overwhelming success”.

These trials took place between 2015 and 2019. Workers were paid in full even when working hours were less. The 4 Day Weel campaign said in a press release that government-backed trials were due to take place in Spain and Scotland later this year.

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