“This red wave is real and it’s coming”

A red wave is coming, Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK), the leading U.S. Senate candidate in Oklahoma, said during an interview on Breitbart News Saturdaybecause Americans face real problems, such as inflation driven by high energy costs spurred by the dismantling of American energy independence by the administration of President Joe Biden.

The former MMA fighter said he was “beyond thrilled” to have the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, who called him “America’s premier warrior”.

“You know, in Oklahoma, everybody loves President Trump,” Mullin said, adding that the endorsement “gives you so much more motivation” to “just put your foot on the ground and not let go.” .

“It’s not just about Oklahoma. It’s about DC trying to influence the rest of the world. Instead, we have to influence DC, and that’s why our fight is for the country, and he gets it,” he said, adding that Trump was “fighting for this country every day” as a as president.

Mullin, a father of six, said he leads his family with a simple principle, one he himself follows.

“The way I’ve always lived my life and the way I try to raise our children – a little saying that you’ll never change anything you’re willing to put up with. And that means we don’t complain about things unless we get involved,” he said.

“There are enough things in this world to worry about. There’s enough to do in this world, but to sit around and complain and complain just for the sake of complaining and you’re not ready to do it yourself – either shut up or get involved – you,” Mullin, who went to Afghanistan with a squad and worked to get the Americans out during the Taliban takeover, said.

“And what’s happening in the country right now, you can’t ignore it. What happened in Afghanistan you cannot ignore. It was obvious that the president and this administration were going to leave the Americans behind. It’s not who we are, and it’s been a huge discussion,” he said, adding that they pulled out over 300 Americans and ended operations on December 5.

Now the fight is in the Senate, Mullin said, explaining what prompted him to run for the Senate.

“The president in the next… two years, he won’t be able to have Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in place to pass legislation to sign. It’s because we’re going to take back the House in November and we’re going to take back the Senate in November too, because this red wave is real and it’s coming, because Americans are fed up with what’s going on,” said Mullin said, explaining that Biden will have to govern via executive orders, but “anyone who has to implement this executive order is confirmed by the Senate.”

“Because they’re going to the head of the agencies that the Senate has confirmed and those people are answerable to the Senate and that’s where our fight is because we have to weed out these … spineless bureaucrats” out of control and “take back power”. in the hands of the people — not in the hands of these bureaucrats who never leave,” Mullin said, though he noted it will be an uphill battle.


In the House, Mullin said, they have two Republicans who are “more Democratic than Republican” in Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Liz Cheney (R-WY). But in the Senate, they have Mitt Romney (R-UT), Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), the latter of whom “could get beat.”

But the “Republican Party as a whole, we’re focused on trying to get things done and we want to focus on getting to the root of the problem. The root of the problem is that inflation is fueled by high energy costs,” Mullin said.

“I don’t understand why the president we have in place right now can’t understand that. Or he understands that,” he said, assuming Biden is “so scared of his woke movement that he won’t make that decision.”

“Because he knows that energy is important and that we cannot go completely without fossil fuels in our energy sector, because if he thought it was possible, he would not ask Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to increase their production to try to reduce costs. But yet he doesn’t have to. We could do it right here in the United States because without low energy costs you can’t have lower prices because energy is the backbone of our economy,” Mullin said.

“It takes energy to produce a product and it takes energy to deliver that product, and whatever that cost will be directly related to the cost of the product. We can be energy independent and control our own energy costs if we have the right policies in place,” he explained.

Mullin noted that multiple states are in play to help determine the balance of power in the US Senate. However, the problem is that the GOP majority may not be big enough to push good policies to the finish line — signed by Biden. So Republicans, he said, will have to pressure agencies that try to circumvent the will of Congress.

“When you have executive orders that make laws, it’s not government by the people for the people. This is an executive branch moving towards a socialist country, and we cannot allow that to happen,” he added.

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