This is the country where a pack of condoms costs more than a TV

To curb population growth and control sexually transmitted diseases, condoms are distributed free or at very low cost. But this is not the case for all countries in the world. Some also charge exorbitantly for this essential product. Well, in any country in the world, the cost of a pack of condoms is around Rs 60,000. Want to know which country it is? The correct answer is Venezuela. This price is also higher than the cost of a TV.

This cost is the price of an ordinary condom. What is unique to note here is that although there are many famous and expensive condom brands in the world, you may never have heard of such an expensive condom.


This exorbitant price of condoms caused an uproar in the country. News of the development went viral on social media.

Not only that, abortion is also prohibited in Venezuela. There is also a severe punishment for doing it illegally. Venezuela also appears to have the highest number of teenage pregnancy cases, according to the United Nations’ State of World Population Report 2015.

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