Thinking of getting a tattoo like Eleven from “Stranger Things”? You may be glorifying a dark part of history

Are you a fan of the popular series “Stranger Things” and thinking of getting a tattoo like one of its Eleven characters? You may be glorifying part of the history of the Holocaust. The first part of season 4 of “Stranger Things” was released a few days ago to great fanfare. The show’s loyal fans have been praising the show and it has given rise to a new trend.

It seems like a lot of fans are lining up and getting numbers tattooed on their wrists, just like Eleven did on the show. Ironically, the meaning of the tattoo is quite dark and fans seem to kind of miss the point.

A Twitter thread explained how to get numbers tattooed on his wrist as the show is problematic and a glorification of the Holocaust. In reality, these numbers were usually tattooed on Jews sent to concentration camps under Hitler’s regime in Germany during World War II.


The numbers were used to strip individuals of their basic right to a name and an identity and were an attempt to dehumanize them. It was simply a show of power to prove to the Jews that they owned nothing, not even their names.

Even in the Netflix show, Eleven is stripped of her name (Janice), her freedom, and even her hair. She was given a number and only considered a test subject for Dr. Brenner.




The thread also explained that those who were brought to the Auschwitz concentration camp were not considered important enough to have a name. “It was also used to identify dead bodies for their records. There were different number sequences that meant different things such as specific ethnic groups.”


While fans may have wanted to pay homage to their favorite show, one can’t look past the disturbing story behind it.

“Stranger Things 4” is now streaming on Netflix.

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