The will of the people will be damned, Ron DeSantis appoints ousted judge to a higher post

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis campaigns with Senate candidate Adam Laxalt in Nevada

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Next time a right-winger tries to trick you into thinking he cares about democracy, I want you to remember this story. (Well, also everything about Moore v. Harper.) Because it’s pretty clear that the only thing that motivates conservatives is to amass enough power to impose their will on the public even – or perhaps especially – when Most people disagree with them.

Florida Judge Jared Smith had his moment in the abortion war spotlight earlier this year when he denied a 17-year-old girl seeking legal circumvention access to parental consent to care abortion because he said her GPA suggested she was too immature to make the decision on her own. (But apparently that immaturity doesn’t stop him from becoming a parent, because logic is overrated!)

Fortunately, a the court of appeal annulled Justice Smith in this case.

Since this contact with notoriety, Smith has been removed from his position. And even if this questionable decision is likely play a role during his ousting, there was also the matter of a controversy over anti-Semitism during his re-election campaign. According to the Tampa Bay Times:

“Smith, an evangelical Christian, became the target of further criticism when a video of his wife talking about [challenger Nancy Jacobs] during a campaign appearance at a local church. In the video, Suzette Smith was heard saying that Jacobs, who is Jewish, “needs Jesus,” among other comments.

But Smith will not slip away in anonymity to lick his wounds. No, he gets an even more powerful position — Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has appointed Smith to the state’s 6th District Court of Appeals.

Because it’s not about democracy or the will of the people or anything as fundamental as that. It’s all about installing culture warriors to boost DeSantis’ agenda as the governor of Florida prepares to take the national stage.

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