‘The View’ Sunny Hostin Says Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg Would ‘Erase’ Trump or DeSantis in 2024

“The View” co-anchor Sunny Hostin on Tuesday called Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a “fascist” and said if Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg run as the ticket Democrat of 2024, they would “erase” the Republicans. appoint, including the Governor or former President Donald Trump.

She made the comments during a discussion about potential 2024 presidential candidates.

Guest host Alyssa Farah Griffin, former White House communications director for the Trump administration, expressed her opinion that President Joe Biden is not the best candidate for Democrats to run against Trump, who is not has given no indication that he will no longer run for the White House. in 2024. That led to a conversation about Biden’s age, younger Democrats who might be better candidates, and Republicans who might challenge Trump for the GOP nomination.

“I hope it’s not DeathSantis in Florida, because I think it’s a fascist,” Sunny Hostin said after Whoopi Goldberg said she was more interested in Republican candidates for 2024 than what the Democrats are doing.

“I think he’s handled COVID miserably, I think he’s a fascist and a fanatic,” she said, using the nickname coined by critics of the Republican governor’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Those are his good points! Joy Behar joked.

Hostin went on to say she hates how people say Biden is too old to run for re-election when Trump, his presumptive challenger, would push 80 in this election.

“If the twice-impeached disgraced former president thinks he’s such a young spring chicken, I mean, he’s going to be 78 when Joe Biden turns 81,” she said. “And so I don’t like this ageism argument.”

Hostin added: “I think there are a lot of Democrats out there who have a lot of verve and energy. I like Gavin Newsom because he’s really good looking and I think he does a great job in California.”

Then she suggested that Vice President Kamala Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg would be “awesome” as a ticket.

“Do you think they could win, really?” Behar asked.

“Well, I would vote for them,” enthused Hostin. “I hope this country is ready for something like this. I think brain power alone would be enough to take out Trump or DeathSantis.”

The discussion came as Biden’s polling numbers are down and some Democratic Party insiders are expressing concerns about his future re-election campaign in 2024. As the president insists he has the intention to run for office, Democratic strategist David Axelrod and others have said his age will be “a major issue” in the upcoming presidential campaign.

Republican donors reportedly made similar complaints about Trump. According to the Washington Post, former Vice President Mike Pence and a host of other Republicans plan to run in 2024 and challenge Trump for the GOP nomination. They would engage with Republican donors who think voters might want a new Biden-defying face instead of an overhaul for the 2020 presidential election.

DeSantis, meanwhile, regularly comes in second or outright beats Trump in forward-looking 2024 polls of conservative activists. Although Florida’s governor hasn’t said he wants to run for president, he remains hugely popular with Republicans for refusing to lock down his state during the COVID-19 pandemic and for hitting back at woke businesses. who attacked his policies.

Asked about his future ambitions, DeSantis told the media that he was focused on his re-election campaign and a Republican midterm victory in 2022.

“I think you have the opportunity to have a really big red wave,” he said on Fox News on Monday. He has declared his desire to end Florida’s reputation as a swing state and have Republicans “get it off the council” with decisive election victories at the state and local levels.

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