The Broken News review: Jaideep Ahlawat and Shriya Pilgaonkar save this mediocre series

OTT has become a good medium through which many filmmakers have delivered content that is a need of the hour. Although important and relevant topics are picked up by decision makers, not all of them are effective. Instead, most are unnecessary drama. There are plenty of shows that deal with relevant issues, but they seem incomplete in one way or another. ‘The Broken News’ belongs to such a category.

To describe the show in a few words – it’s unbiased vs biased news, true vs fake, fictional news and much more. As a journalist, it’s quite difficult to write about a show that touches on so many levels. By watching the show, you make a connection with the show, but after a while due to overly dramatic storytelling, a lot of things seem fabricated.


Supported by BBC Studios, the director’s Vinay Waikul is an official adaptation of the popular British series ‘Press’ and it goes without saying that the show is most relevant at present where news channels and especially the Primetime shows brainwash everyday people (who are unaware of the politics going on behind the scenes) with all their paid theories.

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The series which marks the return of 90s actress Sonali Bendre after her battle with cancer, revolves around two rival news channels Awaaz Bharti and Josh 24/7 and follows the lives of a group of journalists with different mentalities. One is directed by Amina Qureshi (Sonali Bendre), while the other is directed by Dipankar Sanyal (Jaideep Ahlawat). Young, enthusiastic investigative journalist Radha Bhargava, played by Shriya Pilgaonkar, is caught between the two faces of journalism. In short, the show is all about Radha and takes you into the daily life of her fearless work. She’s just perfect, smart, cunning and can talk.


Unaware of all the stories of billionaires, rapes, scams and politicians – Radha, who still can’t get over the death of her best friend, struggles to find the real reason behind her death and it’s is the heart of the story.

The show takes a long time to set up and you have to have a lot of patience to watch the first three episodes which cover a lot of points. The creators try to give an intriguing touch to the show which gets the audience hooked, but at the climax it feels underwhelming.

The cast is fantastic and their exceptional acting will impress you. Jaideep Ahlawat who captivated us with his previous roles once again gives a top-notch performance with his nuanced character. Shriya Pilgaonkar has once again proved her mark and does a magnificent job, her eyes shine and her expressions catch your eye every time she enters the frame. Compared to these actors, Sonali Bendre is not as effective but manages to get by.

The show takes us somewhere through a real crisis that the world of journalism is going through. It’s set in a time when paid news channels are just chasing TRPs and primetime shows set the public’s mindset by hiding the real truth instead of spreading the news. It highlights how the 24/7 news channels give us the verdict and how they manipulate the public with bad news. In that sense, ‘The Broken News’ hits you hard.

The script, dialogues, and story are intriguing, but the show feels unnecessarily stretched with various subplots that take you away from the main story. By the way, the show is a mix of feelings – there is dishonesty, ambition, right versus wrong, the cast is fantastic, but ultimately the show feels empty.

The show airs on Zee5.

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