Teslas banned for 2 months at site of secret Chinese leaders’ annual meeting (report)

Tesla vehicles in China would be banned from entering the coastal Chinese district of Beidaihe. The location will be the site of a secret annual leadership summit for at least two months, starting July 1, 2022.

The decision, which appears to have been made by authorities in Beidaihe, came just weeks after Tesla’s electric vehicles were also banned from certain roads in Chengdu earlier this month. The announced ban on Tesla vehicles in Chengdu coincided with when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the city.

The information about the Beidaihe ban was allegedly provided to Reuters by a local traffic cop who declined to give his name. The official did not provide specific reasons for Tesla’s ban, although he reportedly noted that the decision was about “national affairs.”

The publication’s sources noted that an announcement regarding the directive is expected to be made soon. Tesla China, however, did not comment on this.

Beidaihe is famous for its seaside resorts. Located east of Beijing, Beidaihe usually hosts a summer conclave of top Chinese leaders. The event is fairly secretive, with attendees discussing staff moves and political ideas in closed sessions. Meeting dates are usually not officially announced either.

It wouldn’t be the first time Tesla’s vehicles have become an apparent concern for Chinese officials. Last year, reports surfaced that Chinese military personnel were blocking Teslas from entering specific compounds. Authorities then noted that the Teslas presented a security issue due to their external cameras, which could transmit video data.

In response to this, Elon Musk noted that Tesla cars are not being used to spy on China, or anywhere else for that matter. The Tesla CEO noted that the company would be permanently shut down if it engaged in such activities. He also assured that all data generated by Tesla vehicles in China is only stored in the country.

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Teslas banned for 2 months at site of secret Chinese leaders’ annual meeting (report)

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