Tesla China shares incredible video of a trip to Mount Everest in 2 Teslas

Tesla China has shared a video of a trip to Mount Qomolangma (Mount Everest) in Chinese-made Tesla vehicles. Mount Everest is the highest mountain on Earth.

Trensen Chongqing, China Bridge Designer Travel Vlogger was able to successfully undertake this incredible journey even when his friends and family told him it was impossible.

Qomolangma National Nature Reserve is located in Tibet, China and covers both the Chinese and Tibetan side of Mount Everest. Known to many as Mount Everest, it is known to the Chinese as Qomolangma which means “Earth Mother Goddess” in the Tibetan language.

Getting to Mount Everest in an electric vehicle

“We just want to show that only electric cars can get here.”

In the video titled, To Mount Qomolangma in Tesla, Trensen Chongqing, shared his adventure in a short video. The Tesla 318 supercharging route had just been completed, which delighted him. He and his team embark on the adventure as soon as possible.

“But everyone thought I was losing my mind.”

Many opponents told Chongqing that there was no way to charge one’s car there. It was too far. If that’s impossible for an internal combustion engine car, then surely it would be impossible for an EV. Someone even told him there was no way he would and that they would buy him a month’s worth of hotpot if he did.

Chongqing accepted the challenge.

“I like challenges.”

The trip itself is the most important part of the trip. It’s not about the destination at the end, it’s about the experience along the way. The difficulties, the people and the learning opportunities. Chongqing noted that the whole point of a road trip is driving.

“There will be all kinds of unexpected problems. When they happen, you have to figure out how to solve them.

Landslides in the Jinsha River, traffic jams and having to sleep in the car were among the challenges Chongqing and his team faced. Luckily Tesla has Camp Mode and they were able to do it safely.

The plateau is more difficult for ICE cars than for electric vehicles

Chongqing pointed out that the plateau is more difficult for ICE cars than for electric vehicles.

“On the sets, gasoline cars can suffer from insufficient combustion but not electric cars. Once you set foot, wow. It’s as if the whole world belongs to you.

“Everything is fresh and unknown. These experiences will become your valuable asset.

Mount Everest Base Camp

It’s not just an epic journey of adventurers, but one that will join countless others that help debunk the common myth that you can’t go anywhere in an electric vehicle.

“Finally with two Teslas, we arrived at Mount Qomolangma Base Camp. Electric cars can take long road trips and even go further where ICE cars cannot go. Like here, just under Mount Qomolangma.

The video is inspiring and motivating. It makes it seem like nothing is really impossible, no matter how many people tell you that you will fail.

Tesla China shares incredible video of a trip to Mount Everest in 2 Teslas

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