Tear gas used by French cops as Saint-Etienne fans attack their players after relegation from Ligue 1 – WATCH

Saint Etienne and Auxerre faced off in the relegation playoff on Sunday May 29 in Geoffroy-Guichard, France. In what was a fascinating clash, which saw the two teams at 1-1 after full time, the match went in favor of Auxerre thanks to a 5-4 score on penalties.

Following the result, Saint-Etienne – one of France’s biggest clubs – were relegated from Ligue 1 and it provoked a widespread reaction from ardent fans. Club fans stormed onto the pitch to attack before French police had to step in and use tear gas to stem the trouble. Here is the video of the inconvenience caused by the fans when Saint Etienne were relegated after the penalty shoot-out:

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The first leg of Saint Etienne-Auxerre also ended in a 1-1 draw. After the second leg also ended in a draw, after 90 minutes the action switched to penalties. As soon as the result fell, the Saint-Etienne supporters got in the middle to create a huge uproar.

Players from both teams took refuge in the dressing rooms as a result, however, Prime Video TV footage from the tunnel showed players, stewards and staff coughing from tear gas used by police to disperse the invaders .

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