Team-building exercise involving walking on hot coal sends people to hospital

Team building exercises, often practiced by companies to increase camaraderie among employees, instill team spirit. We have heard of many activities that bring employees together and try to find a solution to a particular problem.

But what if such an exercise sends the team to the hospital?

Ouch indeed!

A team building exercise in Switzerland sent most of the team to hospital as members suffered burns from walking on coal. Twenty-five people were treated for burns while thirteen were sent to hospital with more serious injuries, the BBC reported.

A major emergency response reportedly resulted in 10 ambulances being on the scene

Police said the group walked over a bed of embers several meters long. It is not yet known what the problem was, whether the coal was not placed correctly or whether those who walked on it did not follow the techniques that could have prevented them from getting burned.

The incident took place on the Au peninsula, south of the city of Zurich.

Walking on coal is used as a rite of passage in many corners of the world.

In order to prevent your feet from getting burned, it is often said that a person should manage walking so that their feet do not touch the embers for more than two to three seconds at a time.

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