Taiwan vows not to ‘give in’ to China’s ‘big bully’ as 29 fighter jets fly near island

The threat posed by Beijing was “more serious than ever”, Taiwan said, after China conducted a large-scale military exercise on Tuesday, featuring fighter jets and heavy bombers.

According to Newsweek, the Taiwanese Air Force dispatched fighter jets and readied air defense missiles as 29 People’s Liberation Army (PLA) planes flew inside the identification zone. Air Defense Forces (ADIZ) of the island throughout the day, in what has become an almost daily occurrence.

“The #PLA’s latest large-scale exercise shows that the military threat from authoritarian #China is more serious than ever,” Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said. tweeted Wednesday from the ministry account.

“But there is no way #Taiwan will give in and surrender its sovereignty and democracy to the big tyrant. Not a chance! JW,” he wrote, ending with his initials.

An ADIZ is a self-declared buffer zone under international airspace, where countries require passing aircraft, military and civilian, to identify themselves. The zones are not regulated by international law, but are respected by Taiwan’s neighbors including Japan, South Korea and China.

Newsweek reports that the PLA’s latest air exercise included 12 Chinese fighter jets and six nuclear-capable heavy bombers, as well as a number of support aircraft that carry out electronic and anti-submarine warfare, collection intelligence, airborne early warning and control, and long-range fillers.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense issued a illustrative map On Tuesday, it showed Chinese warplanes flying over southern Taiwan in the Western Pacific.

It was the strongest display of air power near the island since Taipei followed 30 PLA ​​sorties on May 30 and 39 sorties on January 23, according to Newsweek.

Chinese planes have frequently intruded on Taiwan’s ADIZ since September 2020, and Taiwan has publicly reported the thefts, which it considers provocative. The United States – the island nation’s staunchest international supporter – has warned that Beijing’s military drills risk being miscalculated and threatening.

According to Washington-based defense analyst Gerald Brown, 972 Chinese aircraft sorties entered Taiwan’s ADIZ in 2021, more than double the Taiwanese government’s estimate of 380 flights in 2020.

The PLA’s aerial incursions around Taiwan have totaled 522 sorties for the year so far.

Taiwan reports no PLA activity on the mainland side of the Taiwan Strait “midline”, the unspoken buffer zone in the middle of the passage. It also does not regularly report activities occurring outside the boundaries of its ADIZ.

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