Sri Lankan army opens fire to contain unrest over fuel crisis

Sri Lanka has gone through the worst economic crisis in its history since its independence in 1948 and there has been a massive public outcry over the whole situation. The situation worsened on Saturday when the army opened fire on civilians to prevent them from rioting at a petrol station as fuel prices continued to rise. According to Sri Lankan government officials, the incident happened in Visuvamadu, 365 km (228 miles) north of Colombo as mobs threw stones at guards who were present at the station. “A group of 20 to 30 people threw stones and damaged an army truck,” army spokesman Nilantha Premaratne said, according to Reuters.

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Police said four civilians and three military personnel were injured in the clash. The problem started when the gas station ran out of gas and those present started protesting.

This was not an isolated incident as troops were deployed near gas stations.

A number of similar incidents have been reported across Sri Lanka and at least six police officers and seven motorists have been injured in clashes at three different locations.

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Along with the fuel crisis, the country is also going through a massive food shortage and, according to the United Nations, the situation may worsen with millions of people in need of assistance in the coming years.

Earlier, the Sri Lankan government announced the closure of public sector offices and asked government teachers to deliver classes online due to the current crisis in the country.


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