Skateboarding teenager hailed ‘Hero of Ukraine’ for saving Kyiv by using toy drone to spot advancing Russian column

A Ukrainian teenager is being hailed a hero after he used a toy drone to spot a column of Russian soldiers marching towards the capital Kyiv and alerted the army.

Andrii Pokrasa, the 15-year-old skateboarder, spotted the light of Russian military vehicles with his toy drone.

He had been called in by the Ukrainian military to help because of his experience with such devices, the Telegraph.

“He was the only one with experience with drones in this area,” said Yurii Kasjanov, the commander of the armed forces’ unmanned reconnaissance section.

“He is a real hero, a hero of Ukraine.”

Pokrasa said he was approached by the military to help obtain the GPS coordinates of the approaching Russian convoy.

“They provided us with information on the approximate location of the Russian column. Our goal was to find the exact coordinates and provide the coordinates to the soldiers,” he told Global News.

“It was one of the biggest columns moving on the Zhytomyr road and we managed to find it because one of the trucks had its headlights on for a long time.”

He said the moment he spotted the convoy was “very, very scary”.

However, he was determined not to let the Russian convoy approach his town.

“I gave them coordinates and photos, and after that they targeted the location,” he said. “And I needed to coordinate more precisely where they should bomb with the artillery.”

The information found by Pokrasa was then sent to a territorial defense unit via social media, which was then able to stop the approaching Russians near Berezivka, about 40 km west of Kyiv.

Taras Troiak, a former drone retailer who heads the Federation of Drone Owners of Ukraine, told Global News that consumer drones have been a game-changer for war because the Russians no longer have a place to hang out. to hide.

“It’s a game-changer for the war,” he reportedly said.

“If we didn’t have such operators and drones that can help the Ukrainian military, I think Kyiv might already be occupied by Russian forces.”

The Ukrainian said on Wednesday that the forces were successfully resisting the Russian onslaught in Sievierodonetsk, while Russian troops were bringing new resources to Donbass in an intense battle for control of the eastern region.

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