Shanghai residents spent 2 months ‘locked down’ but China bans media from calling it ‘lockdown’

For more than 60 days, residents of Shanghai in China have been in lockdown. Confined to their homes or apartment buildings, they were plagued with problems such as food shortages, access to medical care, and more. Now, with their isolation finally coming to an end, with most people allowed to venture out, to markets, to work and on public transport, China has cracked down on the media for ‘calling a cat a cat”. According to a Guardian report, a leaked directive from the city ordered the media not to use the phrase “end the lockdown” while signaling the end of what was clearly a lockdown.

The leaked directive, which was obtained by China Digital Times, said “unlike Wuhan, Shanghai has never declared a lockdown, so there is no ‘end of lockdown’.”

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He further said that “all parts of Shanghai suffered static management-type suppression and suspensions, but core city functions continued to operate throughout this period. Insist that the related measures were temporary, conditional and limited.

For more than two months, the inhabitants of the Chinese city of 25 million inhabitants have had to remain locked up, sometimes simply to live in the same building as a person who is HIV positive for Covid. Businesses and factories have also suffered.

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After weeks of this, restrictions were finally lifted on Thursday for around 22.5 million people living in low-risk areas. However, masks remain a requirement and public gatherings are frowned upon.

Cafes and other businesses are back, but restaurants are still banned, stores can only operate at 75% capacity and gyms will reopen later.

Shanghai’s shutdown is the result of China’s “zero COVID” approach of eradicating epidemics at all costs, despite the international consensus that coexistence with the virus was inevitable.

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