Safer and smarter option? After the debacle in the Pacific, China is now planning to build a secret naval base in Cambodia

After being snubbed in the Pacific, China now appears to be seeking to build a secret naval base in Cambodia. The country, which seems keen on bolstering its military footprint, now appears to be opting for the safest choice, as it has chosen a long-time supporter among ASEAN states to avoid a repeat of what happened recently. in the Pacific. This decision seems crucial for the Asian giant, which seeks to project itself as a world power, according to the media.

Although the possibility of the new base has been denied by the Chinese and Cambodian governments, it will stand at Ream Naval Base in the Gulf of Thailand. He will occupy part of it, Western officials told the Washington Post.

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The construction of this base, which will expand China’s military presence in Southeast Asia, will begin in a few days. This upcoming base in Cambodia will also increase Chinese military influence near the Strait of Malacca. It is a key choke point for global trade as it connects the Indian and Pacific oceans.

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“We believe that the Indo-Pacific is an important piece for Chinese leaders, who see the Indo-Pacific as China’s legitimate and historical sphere of influence. They view China’s rise as part of ‘a global trend towards a multipolar world where major powers assert their interests more forcefully within their perceived sphere of influence,’ a Western official said.The Ream base expansion ceremony will take place this week. there will be no mention of the military installation.


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