Russo-Ukrainian War: What We Know About Day 110 of the Invasion | Ukraine

  • World trade ministers gathered to tackle food security threatened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at a World Trade Organization meeting on Sunday. Ministers are expected to agree on a joint declaration on strengthening food security in which they “commit to take concrete measures to facilitate trade and improve the functioning and long-term resilience of global food and of farming”.

  • European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has called for the need to strengthen anti-corruption laws in Ukraine. After meeting Zelenskiy, von der Leyen said: “Reforms still need to be implemented, to fight corruption for example, or to modernize the administration, which will also help attract investors.”

  • British defense company QinetiQ will supply Ukraine with 10 Talon sapper robots for demining purposes, the Ukrainian authorities announced on Sunday. The first deputy chief of the Ukrainian police patrol, Oleksiy Biloshitsky, said: “Talon will be deployed to demine Ukraine. This is a sapper robot that not only locates “gifts”, but also neutralizes them. Before the war we already had more than a dozen, now QinetiQ will deliver 10 more.

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