Russian-Ukrainian war: Italian Eni says Gazprom will cut gas supply on Friday by 50%

Italy’s Eni said it would only receive 50% of the gas requested from Gazprom on Friday, following accusations from Rome that the state-backed Russian company was peddling “lies” about a series of cuts.

“Gazprom has announced that it will only supply 50% of what is requested (with actual volumes delivered almost unchanged from the quantities delivered yesterday),” cutting supplies for the third day in a row, Eni said in a statement.

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Several European countries, including Italy and Germany, rely heavily on Russian gas for their energy needs.

As tensions rage with the West over the war in Ukraine, Russia has stepped up energy pressure, cutting gas supplies to the continent in a move Italy and Germany have called ‘political’ .

Gazprom says supply cuts through the Nord Stream pipeline are the result of repair work, but EU officials believe Moscow is punishing allies in Ukraine, where Russian forces launched an invasion in February .

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On Thursday, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi rejected Gazprom’s apology, saying the reasons “we are told are technical”.

“We and Germany and others think these are lies.”

Draghi said state-owned Gazprom, which said Moscow had every right to play by its own rules on cuts, was using the gas supply for “political” purposes.

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Italy has sought to reduce its dependence on Russian gas through alternative sources, while promising to invest more in renewable energy.

The gas crunch, which pushes prices higher, “has consequences, not immediately on consumption, but on storage,” Draghi said.

EU countries have rushed to wean themselves off Russian energy, but are divided on imposing a natural gas embargo, as several member states are heavily dependent on supplies from Moscow.


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