Russian aggressor brought ‘sorrow and disaster’

ROME, Italy — Ukraine’s Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk on Sunday marked 109 days of Russian aggression, saying the “beast breaks its teeth” on Ukrainian courage.

“Ukraine and the Ukrainian people have been resisting the full-scale Russian invasion for 109 days, the war of grief and disaster that the Russian aggressor has brought to our lands,” Bishop Shevchuk said in a video message to the world .

The Archbishop reported that the heaviest fighting continues to take place in the Luhansk region, which is now defended by the Ukrainian army, and that the Russians “cannot do anything with large forces.”

“This beast breaks its teeth on the Ukrainian courage of the sons and daughters of Ukraine who defend their homeland,” he said.

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A multiple rocket launcher of a Donetsk People’s Republic militia fires from its position not far from Panteleimonivka, in territory under the government of the Donetsk People’s Republic, eastern Ukraine, Saturday, May 28, 2022 Day after day, Russia is pounding Ukraine’s Donbass region with relentless artillery and air raids, slowly but steadily advancing to seize its neighbour’s industrial heartland. (AP Photo/Alexei Alexandrov)

In Sievierodonetsk, however, “the Russians are destroying entire streets to advance,” he said. “Neighboring towns, seeing these atrocities, are really scared and many people, even at the last minute, decide to leave their homes.”


Ukrainian soldiers carry the coffin of 21-year-old Roman Tkachenko who was killed during the Russian invasion near Kharkiv on June 04, 2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

“This evacuation is so important and necessary to save the local population, but it is very difficult and difficult in these circumstances,” he added.

Meanwhile, in southern Ukraine, in the Kherson region, “our armed forces are liberating occupied towns and villages, advancing to liberate our brothers and sisters from the yoke of Russia,” Shevchuk said. “Our people meet their liberators with tears in their eyes.”

Russian forces continue their “missile terrorism”, he reported, and on Saturday “a rocket attack was carried out on western Ukraine, on the town of Chortkiv, which is the headquarters of the bishop of our eparchy of Buchach”.

On Sunday, Greek Catholics celebrated the Christian feast of Pentecost, commemorating the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles.

“We pray that on this day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit will renew us by the grace of the Holy Spirit,” the Archbishop said. “The fire that rested on the apostles today burns in our hearts and calls us to overcome evil by the power and grace of the Holy Spirit.”

“On this day of Pentecost, when the earthly ruler, when the mad ruler of this world brings sorrow to Ukraine and steals our lives, we say in prayer, ‘Heavenly King, Advocate, Spirit of truth, come dwell in us , and purify us from all that defiles us and, O Good, save our souls,” he said.

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