Republican congressman suggests he could back Trump facing criminal charges

A Republican congressman has suggested he would be willing to support a referral to the Justice Department urging the agency to pursue criminal charges against Donald Trump, in what may be one of the first signs that the committee’s evidence of January 6 reach the Republicans.

Representative Don Bacon was being interviewed on NBC Meet the press on Sunday when presenter Chuck Todd asked him clearly if he was ready to support criminal charges against the former president. The House cannot impeach the President directly, but can make a formal recommendation to the Justice Department to do so, as it did in the case of contempt charges for several witnesses who defied subpoenas of the January 6 committee.

“I see it this way: he’s already gone, I think we should look further into that, but we’ll see what the evidence is about the president,” Bacon said.

“I will just say: what he did was wrong, he should have spoken. When it comes to the legal issue, I’m a little less confident on that. I am not a lawyer,” the congressman added.

He also added that no matter what the committee proposes in future hearings, he would not support Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential primary. The congressman, however, did not specify how he would vote in an election. general.

Mr. Bacon’s remarks are notable because he was not among the 10 House Republicans who backed Mr. Trump’s second impeachment, which took place in 2021. That effort resulted in a second acquittal of Mr. Trump in the Senate, but notably ended up with the most bipartisan. impeachment votes in US history.

The Jan. 6 committee presented new evidence that Mr. Trump pursued false claims of voter and voter fraud after the 2020 election in the face of resistance from his own advisers and aides, including Ivanka Trump, his daughter. The panel plans in the coming days to further detail how the president drove many of his supporters to Washington on the same day of the Jan. 6 attack and did little or nothing to protect Congress during the siege. himself.

Monday morning is the committee’s next hearing date. Former Fox News anchor Chris Stirewalt is the only witness announced so far.

Polls have shown that clear majorities of Democrats and independents oppose a new candidacy for Donald Trump and see the January 6 attack as a clear threat to American democracy.

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