Report: Putin’s excrement collected to thwart spies

Vladimir Putin’s bodyguards collect his feces and urine when he travels and bring them back to Moscow to prevent foreign spies from collecting them and testing them for health problems, according to Russian experts Regis Gente and Mikhail Rubin, reports Paris Match.

The Federal Protection Service is responsible for collecting the waste and placing it in a specialized package and suitcase.

Putin’s health has come under intense scrutiny since he began his invasion of Ukraine on February 24, as he is believed to be battling cancer. A Russian officer claimed Putin, 69, had ‘no more than two to three years to stay alive’ and suffered from a severe form of ‘rapidly progressing cancer’, while another oligarch close to Putin said the Russian president was “very sick with blood.” cancer.”

“We are told he suffers from headaches and when he appears on television he needs pieces of paper with everything written in big letters to read what he is going to say,” the Russian officer told the Sunday Mirror at the end of May. “They’re so big that each page can only fit a few sentences. His eyesight is seriously deteriorating.”

Putin’s limbs, the officer added, “are now also shaking uncontrollably.”

According to the report, excrement collections from Putin took place during his visit to France in 2017 and to Saudi Arabia in 2019.

Journalist Farida Rustamova said in a report that an acquaintance of Putin said the Russian leader has taken a port-a-potty with him on trips and has for years.

Additionally, Putin’s guards remove all traces of his biomaterials (fingerprints, etc.) while he is abroad.

“Access to them gives you a lot of information: you can decipher a person’s DNA, find out about susceptibility to inherited diseases – Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, for example – whether they are sick now and what medications they are taking , what medications affect him, not to mention looking for distant relatives or illegitimate children,” a source told Faridaily.

“It’s a huge field for manipulation,” an acquaintance of Putin said, adding that many Western leaders also don’t use hotel bathrooms on business trips.

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