Rep. Waltz: China ‘buys America’ while US is ‘drunk’ on Chinese dollars

Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla., warned Sunday that China is “buying America.”

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Waltz said amid the crisis, the Biden administration is “totally asleep at the switch.”

“The Chinese are buying America. They are buying huge tracts of land which – oh, by the way, happens to be key agricultural land – but also near our military bases,” he said.

“They buy our food supply, chicken, pork, other producers, and they buy our technology if they can’t steal it,” he continued. “They come and they buy it. And what do they do with all this? They create dependencies on them and they entrust the technology to their military.

Waltz noted that even though Democrats “want to talk about defunding the police, I said defund dictatorships. Let’s end the Chinese Communist Party.

Instead, Waltz lamented “we have Wall Street, our politicians, academia, the sports industry, Hollywood, etc., who are absolutely drunk on Chinese dollars.”

“The Chinese communists know it, [China President] Xi [Jinping] knows this, and they are looking to win the economic war long before there is any type of military conflict,” Waltz said. “And we need to wake up as a country, and this administration is totally asleep at the switch.”

Waltz gave President Joe Biden “mixed” ratings on his recent trip to the Middle East.

“I’m glad he went to stand with our greatest ally in Israel – the Squad and other progressives call an apartheid state,” he said. “So at least he took a stand with the progressives there.”

“But I was disappointed, he’s backtracking right away on giving this billions of dollars to the Iranian regime, you know, in the hope that they won’t go after nuclear weapons,” he continued.

“We have to maintain this relationship [with Saudi Arabia]. … the Russians and the Chinese are absolutely thrilled to fill the void,” he noted. “What I found a little pathetic was that the president didn’t announce anything on oil. … the president better have visited Texas, visited Oklahoma, let’s talk about domestic production.

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