Religious event in Nigeria: at least 31 dead, including children

At least 31 people were killed and others injured on Saturday when a stampede broke out in southern Nigeria at a religious charity event where food was being distributed.

The disaster happened in the city of Port Harcourt in Nigeria’s Rivers State, local police spokeswoman Grace Iringe-Koko said.


Among the injured, there are mostly children. This is called a “Black Saturday”.

Reports said members of the public had gathered at the Polo Club, following an invitation from the King’s Assembly, a church in Port Harcourt, for the distribution of gift items including food.

People gathered in large numbers outside the door of the church hoping to receive alms from the organizers, but the front door was apparently too small, and as soon as it was opened the crowds stormed the door, pushing the attendees down, resulting in a stampede.


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